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Eniripsa in Beta: Staying above water

By branjox97#3957 May 25, 2020, 19:28:42
Regarding the following update:

Draining Word
  • AP cost has increased to 4.
  • Area of effect is now a cross.
  • The spell effects have been modified
    • AP drain is kept
    • Deals Air damage
    • Erosion on the caster is now for 2 turns
    • Cooldown of 1 turn
    • Max range at level 1 is now 2
    • Range is no longer modifiable

It is good due to it gives versatility to the Eniripse class. But I want them to think about the Erosion. Because it will last 2 turns and it would be harmful to this class. I consider it should remain the same, it should last 1 turn, why did they add another turn to erosion? For its damage effect? But see "Slow-down Arrow" in Cra's spells, it reduces AP but they do not have a penalty. Thereafter, I am not asking to remove erosion, but I want it to last one turn unless it could be vanished with their removing effects' spell, "Word of youth".
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