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Pandawa Questions!

By xxocheckaoxx#8874 March 20, 2017, 22:45:29
Hi guys,

my main character is a lvl 114 sacrieur at the moment and while am pretty happy with that character I decided to build a partner for him and read in quite a few forums that a pandawa would be a great choice for that (of course most people recommended an eni or enu but there are so many of them that i wanted to build something else)
well however i have no idea of the pandawa and would like to know if some experienced players who know how to play the class could help me out with what attribute to go after and what gear is best.
I thought maybe leeching him to lvl 80 and getting a terrdala set then since pandattack seems to be the best spell. 

I would love to hear some of your experiences recommandations if you think the pandawa is an awful choice to team up with a sac just let me know smile.

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I went down the Strength Panda route on Dofus PC ( Terrdala Set > Ancestral Treechnid Set > Moowolf Set) and it was great.  However, on Dofus Touch I've gone down the Int Panda route instead (currently using Feudala Set).  I've found that Int is slightly more supportive - the spells do decent damage, but have far less range, and Vertigo is extremely situational.

Similarly, Agi provides great versatility (and the additional dodge/lock is particularly useful for map manipulation) and Chance has the best range (not to mention Melancholy's wacky AoE).

Ultimately it depends on your playstyle.

EDIT: Thinking more long-term, Int would be a decent direction when partnered with a Sacrier (provided you're happy to play more supportively), as you could pop a healing weapon on it and duo pretty effectively.
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