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I suggest to add new spells to Pandawa's class

By brainxdlopez#4012 November 04, 2020, 15:02:53
Hello, hope you're doing well.

I'm typing this suggestion because I would love to see new strategies from this class as well as others, but right now I will focus on Pandawa's class.
Therefore, I want you to combine four spells and make into two as it ocurred in Dofus. Those spells are:
First, to modify Boozer, which you could mix it with Bamboo milk. In this sense, if the player casts Boozer for the first time gets the resistance and loss of pm. If the player casts it again, they are going to receive the Bamboo milk effects.
second, to modify Karcham, and blend it to Chamrak. This meas that the caster first will carry the target, and after having it carried, the player can throws with the same spell.

Bearing this in mind, Pandawa's class will have two lots free, so you can add two new spells. I would like to see Consolation spell which attracts the allied and Fermentation which applies a shield to the caster.
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I loved your suggestion, hopefully, they include these on their new updating 
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Can we get new ideas instead of getting them from pc?  I would love so many things from pc to come to touch... but again what's the point? Let's get new ideas and experiment biggrin
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new spell sram. possess an enemy for a turn and move it where you want it.
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