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Need help with Rogue Build

By Ulfricht#5813 November 15, 2016, 04:58:36
As per title, I'm relatively low level and need some advice on how to use bombs effectively. 

I find that my tactic is to move away from enemies and create as many lines as possible using bombs but they keep getting destroyed! 

Using terrain and hiding the bomb behind cover meaning the enemy will have to move into the line to destroy it is great but won't always work for every map.

Is an int based Rogue a viable option? Or am I better off using air? 

Any help would be appreciated!
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Hey there, 
I'm by no means an expert on rogue but heres what i picked up on it so far.

Vit is important for rogues for bomb health, getting your main stat to 100 and then going full vit is a viable option that still gives you good dmg and a greater health pool for bombs. That being said rogue is one of the trickier classes to play and alot of your strategies revolve around how the enemy acts to maximize dmg and keep your bombs on the field.Keep in mind you can have 6 spaces between your bombs for the glyph to work.

As for which type to go, there all good in my opinion.
Int you'll get the highest dmg output with your bombs/glyphs aswell as having a solid medium ranged move(pulsar) and life steal.
Agi is your ranged branch but it is very hard to use with restrictions on spells and hard to use in groups with the weird aoes. I prefer this branch more for pvp than pvm as boomerang daggers is a solid no los move.
Cha is your cc branch i find it the most enjoyable in  group play, though i dont really use bombs as often when i play cha.

I should probably also mention that I would reccomend scrolling your main stat if you can manage it.

I play an Agi/Cha rogue btw.

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