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My Rogue grew up off of Ability on YT but now looking for a guide to Cha/Agi.

By Skiingonred#6222 May 12, 2019, 21:49:09
I've grown my Rogue through the great wisdom of Ability. He's one of the most articulate Rogue's I've ever seen and my 189 Rogue became what it is through him. Now I'm wondering if anyone has any good resources on a multi-element Rogue. I'm interested in Cha/Agi because it has quite a few advantages including more versatility in combat as well as building off of a completely different strategy. The Cha/Agi Rogue builds itself off of detonations, as opposed to the single-element option, as having two bombs in one turn makes it more damage to detonate more since you've advanced an extra turn in Combo charging. Also, two different elements don't make walls so it's obvious that explosions are the cream of the crop of this build. I need the guidance and wisdom of someone with experience in this strategy so I would appreciate if you could link me to the correct outlets to develop those skills through the experiences of veterans.

Thank you so much.
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