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Set for >100 chance sac. Ancestral?

By Blitzt#4315 March 05, 2017, 18:09:18
Reading chance sac guides it seems that the "meta" set when you go a bit over level 100 is the ancestral set.
Now ok, the set has good stats but considering I'm currently using a chief crocodyl set I'd be going from a secondary set stat of agility to strength, which means I'm losing quite a few lock and dodge for some str that I'm currently making no use of.

I'm scrolling agility (at about 30 at the moment) but still even at max scroll and without any equipment boost I'm not sure I'll be able to effectively lock mobs to maximize dissolution.

Considering that the ancestral set is recomended as kind of a "must" pretty much everywhere, I guess there should be some way around that low agi problem. Trophies maybe? Or is the bare scrolled agility just enough for pvm mobs?
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Ancestral is generally enough to last a sac for a very long time. Scrolled agi and nimble punishment should be just fine.
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