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Power or Characteristics

By svartalfr#8750 March 13, 2017, 13:45:33
Hello my fellow brothers and sisters! Praise the Mother of All Pain!

Please, help me to clear my vision of the future me. I saw the force of Punishments, which boosts characteristics (Agi, Str…) with each point of damage I taken. And this force is in me. And I saw the force of the Power secondary characteristic, which boosts damage in percents.

And by now doubt is dwelling in my shattered mind. Should I aim to Power or straight characteristic (Agi/Str) in my equipment? Which one will spills more blood from my enemies and help me become devouted servant of the Angel of Compassion?
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Both power and char points work exactly the same regarding spell damage: both add a 1% of the base spell damage per char/power point.

The difference is that char points have secondary effects (eg. agility increases dodge and lock, strength increases pods, etc...) but increase only spells based on the respective related element, while power has no secondary effects but increases damage for every spell regardless of it's element.

So basically you'll usually prefer char points if you use a single element and power if you use several.

Considering that it's rather easy for a sac to go hybrid (particularly on higher levels), power comes handy.
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Thank you very much!
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hey i think this forum has outdated replies. Dofus touch had an update where they nerfed power%
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Before Power nerf:
1% Power Point = 1 Points of any characteristics. 

After Power nerf:
1% Power Point = 0.8 Points of any characteristics. 
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