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How does punishment work

By August 08, 2017, 20:02:54
Like i say in the title, how does punishment work? is it always active, so if i take damage do i gain strength or do i need to activate the ability? and how does the erosion and punishment number come in?
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Every round u get damage you get more strength/chance/int, whatever. I think it stays for 4/5 rounds and then u loose one "round of damage" every round. Just refresh the punishment after 1-2 rounds the cooldown is over. Sry i suck at explaining xD
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Whenever you receive dmg you will get stats in exchange of it. 100% for monsters and 50% from players. You can gain str/cha/agi/int/vit depending on which punishment you used.

Note the punishment has a maximum gain per turn. 200 stats on lvl 6 punishment skills. When the cap is reached you will no longer gain stats.

It is important to cast it on Ur first turn so you will gain stats immediately since this is where our stats come from besides our sets. Because sacs are designed to be pure vit.

All punishment except vital punishment lasts for 5 turns ( 2 turns only for vital)
But you could recast to spell to regain stats.

This is the foundation spells of sac since all our dmg output depends on the vitality that we lose in exchange for stats.

Overall sacs are best in longer battles , they start weak early on but is a monster in late game once they stacked up all their stats. wink

Goodluck smile
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You have to cast the spell to make it working, and you can see active. while active you gain ST every hit you take (up to the limit of the level of spell per round). It last 5 turns then you have to re-cast it to make it working.
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