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Recommended Sadida Build

By Majination#3652 August 29, 2017, 20:11:19
Just started a Sadida on the server Dodge, and wondering what is the most valid build for a player like myself who is mainly solo, sometimes grouped up, almost always PvM. Strength seems to be the most straightforward choice, but I'm wondering if any other elements are viable atm for Sadida. Also: join me in game! Name is Sympan.
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Follow up question: Seems to me like it may be a good idea to put some points into wisdom to help acquire XP faster. Is this at all viable, or is the standard "Plug all points into your main element" still the only way to go? If it is viable, what's allowable... +25 wisdom, +50, +100?
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I've never played a Sadi, so I can't give you any class-specific advice, but as a long-time solo and PvM player, my advice is to pump points into your primary characteristic. What I know of Sadidas is that strength is the most straight-forward element to play, so that's the easiest path for new players. There are Sadi players who like to play Strength/Chance, but that's a build which I've heard requires scrolling and fairly expensive equipment to really flourish.

I've considered starting a Sadi just to play Intelligence - great heals for co-op play and a sharp ability to deny MP - but that's a project for another day when I'm done doing everything I want to do with my Enu.
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In response to your question regarding wisdom you would normally pump points into strength whilst gearing for wisdom or if you have a lot of kamas you can use scrolls and or respec after pumping points into wisdom. All up to you really!
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Read this article and choose yourself
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About to start a Sadi on Grandapan, since it's an older version of Dofus (one where Sadis were quite OP in) I plan on using the same build as my ooold (prehistoric now) Sadi from Rushu:

Strength to 300, then Intelligence to 200, spam rest into either Wisdom or Vitality
(do not increase Strength and Intel together, Int's useless low-level)

Lv.11 = Bramble 5
Lv.21 = Sacrificial Doll 5
Lv.24 = Soothing Bramble 3
Lv.36 = Manifold Bramble 5 (game changer)
Lv.37 = Soothing Bramble 4
Lv.54 = Inflatable Doll 5
Lv.60 = Aggressive Brambles 5 (other game changer)
Lv.70 = Wild Grass 5
Lv.71 = Soothing Bramble 5
Lv.90 = Insolent Bramble 5
Lv.100 = Ultra Powerful 5
Lv.101 = Bramble 6 (final game changer)

All there is to it, Sadis were once known as the "cookie cutter" class because it was so easy to level and PvM.
There's your recipe. After 100 obviously just keep leveling and 6 all your spells.

EDIT: Forgot to mention to consider giving the Block some love late game, at 6 he's quite useful for locking. Tree/Tree of Life is ... eh. Not sure if you can still farm diamonds for spell scrolls in this game but if so then and only then get the Trees.
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