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Help for a newbie Sadida

By Obzedat93#3319 February 01, 2019, 16:20:18
Goodmorning guys, i've just started my new Sadida and i'd like to know wich are the best sets/sets combination.
i've managed to takr the gobbal one, for now i'm lvl 29.
for jow much did i have to keep it, wich one i had to start buy/drop?
i'm an earth sadi, and i wanna do earth/fire in late game.
thank you for your patience
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Hi man, you should lvl up to 145 (it sounds scary, but truly it is not) with a wisdom set of your preference (cant give u any type of advice, since I only know their names in spanish lol), once u get to that lvl u are allowed to wear the soft oak set (i guess its called like that) which I think its the perfect set for what you are looking for, for dropping just go to gelax, those tiny little jelly cubes can give you an amazing output of kamas believe it or not.
make sure you have a decent amount of pp before you get into gelax btw.
Good luck, if you need any help just contact me by ankabox.
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