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Str/int sadi

By insanedarkness123#4087 September 05, 2019, 04:32:21
With the new update to sadis been trying to think of how to build a str/int sadi. Lvl 182 str just don't have a clue atm how to move forward with the idea
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Hello insanedarkness123, 

First we can start by looking at the base damages of the sadida's spells to see what element we want to build. As you mentioned the str/int build on a sadida is a bit tricky of a mind teaser. Base damages are about the same on earthquake and poisoned wind so what that means is we can go either path - as you mentioned we are going to go str/int. 

The best stat for stat gear that is both intel and strength is the obsidian set. 

Hopefully I've given you a kick start in the right direction. 

Good luck with the Sadida,
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