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Sadida new build (after update)

By -Veine#5310 November 29, 2019, 16:45:15

After the major Sadida update many spells have changed.
Now looking for a new build.

List of spells available:
1. Tree of life
1. Bramble 3AP (earth)
1. The block 3AP
1. Tear 3AP (water)
3. Tree 2AP
6. Wild grass 3AP (fire)
9. Madoll 3AP
13. Soothing bramble 2AP
17. Sylvan power 2AP
21. Dolly sacrifice 4AP (water)
26. Paralyzing poison 3AP (fire)
31. Doll knowledge 1AP
36. Manifold bramble 3AP (earth)
42. Sacrificial doll 3AP (water)
48. Inflatable doll 4AP
54. Bush fire 4AP (fire + water)
60. Aggressive bramble 4AP (earth)
70. Earthquake 3AP (fire)
80. Poisoned wind 3AP (earth)
90. Insolent bramble 4AP
100. The ultra powerful
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Im newbie, can u help me some guide for sadida, int or str or chance is the best, bro?
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Bump - any advice for this? I have a level 87 sadi with spell points to spare and don't know how best to use them! (whereas on my sidekick enu, I'm spoilt for choice)

Any high level Sadi want to give their rundown on the spells these days? For example I'm 109 with 25 spell points spare - the only dolls I have them in are sacrificial and inflatable. Would you pump them into the others (block/madoll/ultrapowerful)? I tend not to use the tree-related spells either tbh as I rarely set the field up correctly for them.

I've got 
Bramble - 6
Wild grass - 6
Soothing bramble - 3
Manifold bramble - 5
Sacrificial doll - 5
Inflatable doll - 5
Aggressive bramble - 5
Insolent bramble - 5 (never ever remember to use this though, ooops)
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Score : 120
Hi, if your Enu is of water, you may be must consider a Sadi of force. Spare all points to force until having 300 points and the rest to vitality. And your Enu also needs to have MP reduction. 
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Any more thoughts on Sadida spells now?
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