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Is Tacturret even worth leveling?

By Lethal-1nj3ction#9326 August 16, 2017, 04:44:00
Seems like all it does is repel with the only difference being able to summon it at longer distance. Can someone state an example a time the spell actually helped? I find myself rarely even using it. 
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good for evo iii and swap with enemy
more range = more tactic
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As Lance-Vance-Dance already said: more range=more tactic.

I rarely use it in Evo III (as I want my harpooner doing the killing). But swapping with enemy can be super useful against high-MP mobs like Dragoturkeys. Just put it in a corner with the harpooner closing it in and then swap.

Other examples:
- to keep mobs away from me (and closer to the Harpooner usually). The pushing helps, but often I mainly put it in their way to get to me.
- to get away myself (put it 4 spaces away, Grapnel to it, walk around and get pushed even further)
- to distract enemy mobs that will attack Tacturret first before trying to reach and hit you

For all of these you want longer distance. And for some it's helpful that it has more HP than at lvl1 and survives a bit longer.
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