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By RomperStomper#8014 November 06, 2017, 16:32:51
Hello there,

I'm having trouble levelin my character.  Currently lvl 42, everything seems to kick my ass or there are just way too many mobs in the group to tackle.  Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?
I'm building Str Fogger, most points in Anchor, Harpooner, Evo, Tacturret.

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Sadly, I've never played a Fogger so I can't give you any advice on your build and spell-set.

But in terms of gaining experience if you're intent on grinding monsters, then an easy way to level against mobs appropriate to your cap is to choose an area with an averaged monster level equal to one third of your own level. For example, at level 42 you're best suited as a solo adventurer to be fighting in a territory with monsters at an averaged level of 14. There are typically three mobs on any map - small, medium, and large - and the small mob never has more than three monsters in it, and the medium mob has as few as four monsters in it. This will create fights that are good for your individual level cap and which don't take too long to finish.

Also, you might consider NOT trying to grind monsters for xp and instead doing the quests. Have you done _ALL_ of the Incarnum, Astrub, and Rocky Inlet quests? They're terrific xp, and most of them are just exploration and talking to NPC's.

Don't forget to take time to learn a profession or two (or three), because without a means to earn an income you'll have no kamas to purchase the gear you need to participate in higher-level content.
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