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Masqueraiders Demystified: A detailed and comprehensive guide

By Tiuqager#4169 February 25, 2023, 12:15:51
Masqueraiders Demystified
About Me
~2 years of Dofus Touch player (Dodge) that has gone through majority of PvM content (excluding Frigost 3 monsters and bosses). Huge theory crafting knowledge, mainly consisting of set-building. Formerly a Chance Masqueraider turned Agility Masqueraider, I have now shifted my focus onto another account as I return to play Dofus Touch once again, albeit with much less time to commit. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find my character page as I stopped playing on that account a while ago.

Disclaimer: The guide was designed on a laptop, and mobile devices may have an easier time reading through the ‘Desktop Site’ version. This is meant to be a fully informative guide, hence sit back and enjoy as I dissect the class.

Table of Content
  • 1. Preface
  • 2. Characteristics
  • 3. Spells
  • 4. Gearing
  • 5. Optimising your gameplay

1. Preface
Masqueraiders are one of the most unique classes in the World of Twelve, switching between 3 mask states that allow for different sets of spells to be used in each state. In essence, the Classic Mask grants a X% damage sustained, +Lock and damage spells are close ranged and steal HP. The Coward Mask grants +1MP and +Dodge and damage spells are ranged. Lastly, the Psychopath Mask grants %Melee Damage, damage spells are close ranged and deal the highest damage. 

  • Immensely mobile character class
  • Largest consistent shield point protection
  • High base damages; good damage even with mid-level investment
  • Fairly versatile gameplay (enhanced when going multiple elements)
  • Has sick aesthetics and wears different masks
  • Crippled when enough AP or MP is taken away from them; cannot do enough useful actions per turn
  • Prone to being less mobile when ‘Gravity’ state is applied
  • Mask switching means you only get to use spells from 2 kinds of mask per turn
  • VERY weak to unbewitching effects, as shields can get unbewitched
  • Each element is limited to only 3 damaging class spells

2. Builds
There are 3 main ways to build a Masqueraider: mono, hybrid, or tri-element (often referred as omni). For the purpose of the guide, only mono-element will be covered as hybrid and tri-element are built upon the same principles, but only require much more investment into the character in the form of spell-points and characteristic scrolls.

The Strength build best exemplifies the head-on combat style. The Agility build is one of the more slippery and comfort builds, as it gains large amounts of dodge from the Agility characteristic. The Chance build specialises in buffing and dealing pushback damage and tends to be one of the more effective PvP builds.

On a baseline comparison, all 3 elements are about as equally strong. However, in my experience, if you’re just starting out, it’s much easier to get through the early-mid levels focusing on either Strength or Agility as you only unlock the full Chance kit at 90, where you obtain the Boliche spell.

In general, all mono-element Masqueraiders will raise their characteristics of their corresponding element to the end of the 3:1 softcap (you will finish this by Lvl.121), and then placing the rest into Vitality. Wisdom is of low priority as a combat stat because Masqueraiders do not generally care to disable (they only have 1 Air MP reduction spell).

3. Spells
Before I begin, the effects of all 3 masks have already been explained in the preface, an additional note will be that the given effects only last 2 turns, and there can only be 1 mask swap per turn.

Furthermore, I will NOT be providing a list of spell levelling order, please level your corresponding elemental damage skills, the other spells generally differ from various players due to personal preference.

Key tip: you can only level 13 spells to Level 6 by level 200, with a leftover of 4 spell points, so choose wisely. 

[Classic] Reinforcement

I chose to mention this first as this spell is a staple in every Masqueraider’s arsenal. It may look very unenticing at first, but the ability to retreat 2/3 cells (based on spell level), is a large reason as to why Masqueraiders are in general very slippery and mobile in the battlefield.

Bonus note for Chance/Pushback Masqueraiders: This spell is punishing if you end up in a situation where you cast the spell such that you collide with the wall; the damage you take scales with your own pushback damage.

3.1. Strength/Earth

[Classic] Martelo

An AoE of 1 semi-circle with a range of 1, this spell proves to be very efficient if you manage to surround yourself with 3 monsters. It has an additional bonus of removing Dodge from targets, however, do note that in most of the higher level PvM content, you might not want to stay in close range of the monsters.

[Coward] Apathy

One of the hallmark spells of the Strength path, this spell is a very handy non-modifiable long-range spell and imposes a 1-turn -Lock penalty to the target. While the bonus effect is rarely useful, the benefit of having such a long-range non-modifiable spell means that you will always have a long range spell ready even if you are affected by range-reducing spells from enemies.

[Psychopath] Furia

The defining spell of the Strength path, this spell
  1. brings you closer to your target and
  2. provides you a flat +Damage buff
that synergises well with the spell Reinforcement, as it effectively triples the damage bonus on a single spell.

3.2. Agility/Air

[Classic] Retention

For a classic spell, it has the best range out of the 3 elements and has the added bonus of reducing MP from targets. However, since Masqueraiders do not prioritise MP Reduction or Wisdom, treat it as a nice bonus when it happens, and do not rely on it to get you out of sticky situations.

[Coward] Picada

This spell can be thought to be almost the Agility version of Apathy, but it IS range modifiable, allowing you to surpass the maximum range of Apathy. The cherry on top of this spell is that fact that when you cast the spell on a target, it deals damage in a AoE of a 2-cell circle. The shield splash written in the description is so insignificant that it ends up barely doing anything, and it is noteworthy that the shield splash does not stack with each other.

[Psychopath] Capering

A very simple damaging spell with a unique range; it allows you to jump forwards or diagonally 1 cell, provides a +Air damage bonus and deals damage in a cross around you. This effectively combines a mobility and damaging spell all at once. In practise, it is not possible to deal damage to all 4 AoE corners twice in a row, but it is nonetheless a very rewarding damaging spell if you are able to set up for it. Importantly, you cannot use the spell at all when you are afflicted with the ‘Gravity’ state, which is a huge damage loss.

3.3. Chance/Water

[Classic] Decoy

This spell serves its purpose as a generic linear water damage spell, which has an interesting mechanic of pulling its target directly adjacent to the caster. However, one notable tactical use is in fact utilised by the Strength Masqueraider, where it can use Decoy to pull and position enemies to maximise the life gain from Martelo.

[Coward] Distance

“The best defense is the best offence” is how I would classify this spell. Most, if not all classes, seek to have a pushback spell to distance (no pun intended) themselves from the monster. As a long ranged linear pushback spell, this spell serves exactly that, while also possibly benefitting from the monstrous +Pushback damage buff supplied by Boliche.

[Psychopath] Boliche

By now you will have noticed that the Chance Masqueraider has all 3 main damaging spells that are linear, and that is by design of the pushback mechanic. It is a very well-designed positioning and damaging spell, as it first pushes the target back 3/4 cells, before it brings the caster forward a matched distance (caster does not suffer any damage in the process). This allows you to constantly bash your target against an obstacle/terrain. Take note that you can stack the pushback damage twice.

3.4. Shields

Ever since the change in Update 1.52, shield values scale according to the character’s level, thereby reducing the pressure to attain the highest maximum vitality. That being said, while vitality is a lower priority, it is still a very crucial characteristic in ensuring general survivability, so be sure not to neglect it in any of the builds. Keep in mind that when you take direct damage, it will first deplete your shield points, and any of your resistances will apply to the shield point as well, giving it much higher effective shield value.

[Classic] Diffraction (Class special spell, exchange at any class temple for 1 doploon)

Owing to the change in Update 1.52, Diffraction has more use cases in any type of play, be it PvP or PvM. Majority of the time, your allies will be much closer to you in any given situation, so it tends to serve a similar purpose to Plastron but requires a little more planning ahead of time to maximise its value.

[Classic] Plastron

THE staple signature spell in the arsenal. It is what defines the class itself. However, be very cautious as it is a 5AP spell, and because shields are bewitchable, you do want to maximise the uptime of the given shield values, so do not stack all the shields on top of another in the presence of bewitching enemies.

[Coward] Tortoruga

A cheap ranged shielding tool for your allies that is very useful in group setting, although casting this causes you to lose out on damage. Time the use of this wisely, and only use it in scenarios where shielding actually matters. Obviously, prioritise finishing off an enemy, if possible, in 3AP vs using 3AP for a shield.

[Psychopath] Trance

One of the most dangerous and tricky to use shields in the game. It appears to be useless, trading -95% of current HP for 450% of level shield at level 1. I deem this spell to be either unused (left at level 1), or immediately levelled to 5/6 to be used. As previously mentioned, since shield points are affected by your own characters’ resistances, it means that the shielding is not all that poor, and you are in less danger when the spell reduces a much smaller % of your max HP.

Bonus tip
When you cast Masquerade before Trance in the same turn, you end up with more health the next turn than you would in the next turn. To break it down simply with numbers, let’s assume a Level 100, 1000HP Masqueraider, and observe the HP values.

Turn 1
Start: 1000HP
  1. Masquerade (level 6): 1000HP -> 700HP
  2. Trance (level 6): 700HP -> 210HP (70% of 700HP = 490HP)
End: 210HP + 450SP

Turn 2
  1. Masquerade effect wears off 210HP -> 510HP (refunds the 300HP it took from the start)
Start: 510HP + 450SPIf we do not cast Masquerade before Trance, it would leave us with 300HP for both turns. Generally speaking, this niche combo is applicable only when you know that the combined remaining shield point and HP does not leave you getting killed before Turn 2.

3.5. Movement/Utility

[Classic] Bling

Self-explanatory, the spells brings the caster directly adjacent to the target object (it MUST be occupied by an entity). That being said, you can get pulled or pushed out of the way by Sram traps, or any other mechanics that shove you out of the way.

[Cowardly] Stampede

Quintessential movement spell that ALL Masqueraiders should level to maximum. It essentially trades 2AP for 2MP, one for teleporting to the selected cell, and the +1MP bonus that comes with the spell. Unfortunately, this spell is rendered useless when affected by the ‘Gravity’ state.

At level 200, Spellmaster Seal: Stampede grants an extra range for Stampede, which effectively means 2AP for 3MP worth of movement. It is usually a more applicable seal to be used in PvM, and has the benefit of being able to cast over terrain that does not block line of sight.

[Psychopath] Ardour

Oh, the rise and fall of Ardour. It used to grant a %Power bonus, alongside the current effects of rendering the target 'Unhealable' and 'Unlockable' state for 1 turn. Essentially, it can be cast on enemies in order to deny any form of healing from all sources, but give them the freedom to move, or it can be used on yourself or allies in a pinch to get out of an ugly locked situation at the cost of being unhealable. Be mindful when you cast the double-edged spell.

[Any Mask] Masquerade

This spell inflicts its effect on a AoE of an 8-cell circle, causing EVERYTHING (including yourself), to temporarily lose the specified %HP, and return it the start of your next turn. The deduction applies to current HP, and it is useful in nuking bosses in a team where you can position a high HP boss to be the only target, as it can effectively “deal” a lot of damage for 2AP (the damage sharing portion only applies to enemies that are caught in the AoE). The damage sharing portion is not stated clearly, but in practise it is easy to figure out; if you catch 3 enemies in the zone, and you hit 1 with a damaging spell, all 3 suffer the original damage divided by 3.The following spells were added because they were significant enough to warrant an inclusion.

3.6. Common Spells

Summoning of Cawwot

The spell can be traded with Wob at [22,-7] in Cawwot Island for 100 Cawwots, and lets you summon a static summon that can be used as an obstacle in a quick pinch to use Boliche. Only level 2 is required for this purpose, but it can be useful to level this to 6 to allow more uses of pushback instances from Boliche on the Cawwot before dying. At level 6, this skill is another useful to traverse the map in combination with Bling.

Summoning of Chaferfu

Obtained at the end of Skeleton Dungeon, this spell summons a Chaferfu (Chaferfu Lancer on a crit), which acts as another summon to use as an obstacle to use Boliche. Levelling this to 6 for this purpose is nice, but only do so where you have accrued enough spell points to do so.


A very rare drop from Demonic Rose, this spell is only used at maximum effectiveness for the Chance/Pushback builds. Otherwise, it is a positioning tool, but will rarely be the top choice in other builds.

Weapon Skill

Acquired at the end of the Smith Dungeon. Masqueraiders do deal enough damage from spells alone, but weapon damage becomes significant at higher levels of play such that they can outshine spell damage. Advised to leave at 1 or 6 immediately when there is spare points, else it is still a low priority levelling spell. It bears more importance in Strength and Agility builds because Chance builds split part of their damage as pushback damage.

4. Gearing

Gearing in Dofus is a tricky topic, but there are very many ways to optimise your character every step along the way. I will not provide a list of pets as that will add up to be too long, please check it out the pets pertaining to your relevant stats in another tab here .

General breakpoints that are useful for all builds
  • 60-100: 7AP/4MP (9AP/5MP is sometimes hard to achieve pre100, but do it only if you can afford to)
  • 101-150: 9AP/5MP minimally
  • 150 onwards: 11AP/5MP is a good starting point
  • 200: (Personal take) 11AP/6MP is favoured over 12AP/5MP

In the new revamped starter Island of Albuera, Dofus does a great job in providing the basic “Honorific Albuerian Set”, that is tailored to a specific element. It does its job well, but can be lacklaster as you approach the early 40s.
  • Strength: Gobball set, Ancient Chafer set, Lucky Dice, Turkocape, Pippin Blop set
  • Agility: Toady set, Mad Tofu Cloak, Coco Blop set
  • Chance: Moskito set, Farmer set, Lucky Dice, Salt ‘n’ Battery Cape, Indigo Blop set

Honourable mention: If you are able to the new sets from Lairs have fixed stats and are generally good across all classes.

At level 50 you gain access to trophies, feel free to get a trophy that boosts your corresponding element, and perhaps one which gains the corresponding elemental damage, but do not overdo them. At level 100, Jacknapes and Voyager are both very interesting options to gain AP and MP to top it all off.
  • Strength: Royal Pippin Blop set, Gelano
  • Agility: Royal Coco Blop set, Gelano
  • Chance: Royal Indigo Blop set, Gelano, Axel

At level 60, you will gain access to Dragoturkey mounts, notable species include:
  • Emerald (+MP, Vitality)
  • Crimson (Strength, Vitality)
  • Ebony (Agility, Vitality)
  • Indigo (Chance, Vitality)
All hybrid variants of these are also useful in optimising characteristics, pick according to your needs and kamas.

  • Strength: Ancestral set, Royal Pingwin set, Moowolf set
  • Agility: Crakillian Guardian set, Orfan set, Light treeckler set
  • Chance: Ancestral set, Royal Mastogob Set, Mastralis Cloak, Cracklouflage set, Orfan set

Above 150
You should have enough experience and be able to navigate the equipments and sets better, and at this stage, I would recommend you to use Touch Dofusbook to explore your options.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is not exhaustive and is by no means the only equipments you can get at those levels, toy around in Dofusbook or The Encyclopedia for more information.

5.Optimising your Gameplay

Masqueraiders value MP a lot more than your average class, but that does not mean you neglect AP in your sets. While benchmarks are given, A level 70 7AP/4MP with good elemental stats can be enough to get you through the early-mid game content.

In practise, Masqueraiders function better with odd AP values, which is largely due to the nature of their class needing to swap masks (all masks cost 1AP). When not shielding or positioning, the attack pattern tends to go: Attack, Attack, Mask swap OR Mask swap, Attack, Attack. This leads to Masqueraiders tending towards odd value breakpoints. The following lists common attack combos:

  • 3AP attack, 3AP attack (and 1AP Mask swap)

  • 3AP attack, 3AP attack, 2AP utility ability (and 1AP Mask swap)
  • 4AP attack, 4AP attack (and 1AP Mask swap)

  • 3AP attack, 3AP attack, 4AP attack (and 1AP Mask swap)
  • 3AP attack, 4AP attack, 4AP attack (no mask swap)

Combos aside, what differentiates an excellent Masqueraider from a good one is the ability to
  1. Position oneself well on the battlefield
  2. React according to a situation

Almost like a game of chess, when against any enemy (monsters and players alike), it is important to know the threats, as well as the windows where one must rush up towards them to threaten their position. Just because the shields just depleted, does not necessarily mean you need to shield up again if the situation calls for an urgent killing of an enemy. Knowing how to manage your risks takes experience and plenty of group play before you understand situations.

Closing Remarks
I’ve always loved playing classes that are tactical, and that was what drew me to the Masqueraider. Dofus Touch in its current state is evolving at a relatively rapid pace, (see devblogs) and the Masqueraider is keeping up and not look outdated. From experience, a solo Masqueraiders’ damage and shielding capabilities are sufficient, often being able to clear dopples without losing any HP at all. That being said, Masqueraiders truly shine in a team, and you will definitely see the stark difference of having Plastron shield only yourself (450% of level shield value) as compared to a team of 4 (a whopping 1800% of level shield value!).

All in all, Masqueraiders offer a gameplay that is deep enough but not as confusing as the likes of
  • Cras (Beacon mechanic)
  • Eni (Cursed/Blessed marks)
  • Rogue (Bomb management)

while providing immense satisfaction from seeing big damage and shield numbers. At my current account, I’m working on learning up another tactical class, the Foggernaut, and who knows when I’ll drop more knowledge into that field. Happy Dofusing!

Formerly Tiuqegar (level 200 Agility Masqueraider)
Now Tiuqve (Level 53 Strength Foggernaut)
Dofus Touch – Dodge
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