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Str Psychotic Build

By Mattroszak554#2838 September 20, 2017, 10:58:42
Id like to know if a Str Psychotic Mask build is good or not.
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Based on my limited experience playing a Masq, the strength / +Damage build is effective up until the 150's. The challenge you'll find is that you can only go so far with +Damage buffs, and even when paired with a multi-strike melee weapon (Zoth Warrior Axe, for example) it becomes less competitive in late- to end-game.

Since Masqs often (but not always) put all their points into Vitality, it's often a better choice to EITHER play pure Chance and maximize your equipment for +Pushback Damage OR play Strength/Agility in order to pair your psychotic +Damage earth attack with your psychotic +Power air attack. This is the so-called "Streetfighter build" and is quite strong.

The pure Chance build is strong on its own, but it uses a rather different strategy that doesn't effortlessly mesh with Strength and Agility. You're welcome to put points into Chance if you so desire, but from what I've seen the reality among pure Chance Masqs is that they put their points into vitality and then choose gear and trophies to maximize pushback damage.

There are some thriller-killer Masqs on the PC servers who use all three elements at once, but they're typically fully scrolled and often have quite a few spell point scrolls to raise all the spells they need. I can't find the link at the moment, but I saw a YouTube video of a 200 Masq fighting against two 200 Iops, and the Masq won. This class can be terrifyingly brutal, but that potential is spectacularly difficult to achieve.

I've only got passing experience playing as a Masq, so the advice above really is the limit of my knowledge.
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My masq currently is level 44, and psychotic ardour to furia does around a nifty 120+ per hit, i havent tried full gobball set yet but i predict a good 20 damage increase, i can solo up to 2 scaras with just furia, any color (greens take a bit longer) but im thinking Vit, Str, and Agi on a new one, im also willing to learn how to use this "streetfighter" build, i want to make a nuker, but havent quite gotten as far as just 100+ each hit, that and with limited armor its hard to do much, honestly i think Streetfighter is more my alley, i prefer a hard hitting close range class, though i could use some help trying to perfect that.

Also great ideas both ways, im stoked to try out a str agi build, on another note i want to ask a good way to earn around 300-400kk, im trying to get akwadala on my cha sac, level 51
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