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Masqueraider, is omni any good?

By Essejjae#4386 September 22, 2016, 08:21:32
So, I am using Masqueraider as my main character as of now and was thinking whether using all 3 relevant elements (str, agi, cha) would be good or should I just stick with the "street fighter" build of agi and str?

I have seen people use omni in pvp but is it only good there or does it work in pvm as well? I'm thinking of making stats something like 200 str, 200 agi and 100 cha with the rest on vit. I know vitality is pretty much required to make Masq useful, so would it just be better to have more vit instead of going for extra element or more dmg on existing ones?

Also, is Capering better than Furia here or is Furia still the go-to spell against single enemy?

I'll probably end up testing these builds on my own but I'd like to hear the opinions of more experienced players.
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It's good if you have a decent amount of HP in order to make your shields useful.
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Omni is really only possible if you can fully scroll your Masq and also buy a couple dozen spell-point scrolls and +PushDamage trophies. In-game money or real money, it's going to be a long, expensive process to equip your character for omni.
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