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Need help with Masqueraider build/leveling

By LogarionV#2257 February 08, 2021, 00:25:51
Hi all
I have a Masq and currently have some trouble with levelling
At the moment, my masq is quite squishy and under geared 
Full str Lv 95 / Hp 944 / Str 256 / 4AP
with full Royal pippin blop set (4 items)
The rest are Gobball gear (4 items)

Is there any advise for levelling/building as I could not level effectively out of Incarnam. Those recommended location yield higher EXP but much slower time to kill mobs. I could 1 hit for the Arachnee in Incarnam with Furia since they have maximum of 160-180hp  while the mobs outside have much higher HP. On low HP i could easily use Martelo to recover 
Levelling in Incarnam was time efficient until lv 90 for me and then the it suddenly became much much slower, like 2-3 times longer)
I just wonder if it is normal or I did something wrong with my Masq. Should I spend some point to Vit or Agi??
Any suggestion/help would be greatly appreciated because I'm really struggling with exp and also kamas to buy gear

Thank you all

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