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By tokantropos#3184 October 27, 2016, 12:04:00
So I have been having the feeling my xelor, which will reach lvl 100 soon is underpowered. It doesn't contribute a lot to pvm compared to other classes and pvp also doesn't shine that much, ap steal is ok but other player still has enough to do more powerful attack... and I also lose ap by casting all the app spells so benefit is at best minimal. So mediocre dmg, and the other spells doesn't seem to make up enough for it.

I selected this class because I like it, I saw it categorized as "difficult" but I interpreted this as step learning course rather than being it difficult to do something useful with it ever.

I also was reading in forums of pc dofus - lot of complaints - one even said xelors were a dead weight in pvm and nobody wants them in the group. Kinda understandable. In upcoming updates you added synchro, but after apparently reduced the damage so much later (because other players considered it "overpowered") that it "rendered the spell useless" according to what I read in recent posts. So the future looks grim.

Is there any chance to get this class right? Usually what "difficult" means is step learning curve, weak at the beginning, etc. but at some point it pays off and you have an advantage. But it doesn't seem to even reach equality with other classes. Why would I choose then a "difficult" class? I'm considering even to quit playing, no other class resonates with me and I already invested so much time in this.

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That's why I am afraid of. Some Xelor could advise us on that.

I really don't want to waste my time by leveling a "dead weight" char.

Thanks to bring this discussion, dude
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Xelors arnt rly ment to deal any dmg, they would be way to OP that way. the fact they can AP steal is good, not dealing dmg should be the least of your worries, if you wanna deal dmg, go iop, sac or cra.
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I didn't criticize only the damage. The ap stealing is not powerful enough to make up for the low damage. Besides other characters can ap steal too, sometimes even more effectively while still dealing high damage (see Sadida for example - dolls, unless killed, stay there, so they can take ap while the caster still has full ap to deal -high-damage. Even Enis can take and give ap, while *also* healing and be able to do a decent amount of damage!). Also, on high levels when other chars have good ap steal resist, it's not that useful. Teletransportation can also be cast usually only once per match, so the advantage of this is also very limited. 

So my point is that something somewhere has to be improved, right now I don't see the point of this class. It's not well balanced compared to other classes.
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A bunch of people that dont know how to utilize character complain about its power. *grabs popcorn*
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The xelors are actually gods of 1v1 pvp, for 3v3 you will need good health, good ressistances, good damage reduction and tons of wisdom/ap steal if youre doing kolo
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I have to disagree, I currently main an int/wis xelor and i can compete in dmg with most players my lvl as well as drain most people down to 2 or 3 ap while dealing decent dmg in kolo/pvp. The reason why this class has that it is a difficult class to play is because it requires alot of knowledge of the current game to be effective. i wouldnt reccommend it as a first choice for anyone but it can be exceptional when played right.

I'm lvl 117 right now btw sitting at about 500 int 400 wis soon to go tri once i hit 130.
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Yeah let's say its just a rather difficult class to play, but not even too much if you ask me. I've seen lv 80 xelors hitting 300/turn, and people like them because they can give ap too. As a feka, cannot say they do less than me. And they attack and steal AP, which is something I can do too but just not that effectively.
With 120 and a boogey wand to heal allies, a xelor can prove extremely useful. So I'd tell you just wait and see for yourself.
There are people who are just not good with that class, but give it to someone that knows how to play and it will shine.
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Keep in mind that at some point the PC version of the Xelor will make it's way here and they were completely overhauled. They became more complex to play while gaining quite a bit of power.
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You cannot see the real potential of a xelor when you are 100lv. Hit at least 150lv to see what can be done after wearing all major trophies and decent gear. I recommend wis based build. Xelor is not for dmg dealing, but for AP steal and positioning enemies. Xelor requires tons of money for wis scrolls and decent items. While other chars can be stronger with weaker eq at lower lvls, xelor unleash his power at 199-200lv with high-end eq. 
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Xelors are similar to Enutrofs in that they require significant investment to reach their potential. If you have the means to do so, the best way to play a Xelor is to scroll wisdom and your primary element (usually Intelligence or Agility) and invest _ALL_ your remaining points into Wisdom. This will let you maximize your ability at removing action points, and the rest of your +Power, +Damage, +Intelligence, or +Agility buffs will come from your gear. I suppose you could play omni and use all elements, but that's going to leave you in an almost entirely support role and I think you'd have a difficult time of things. Until mid and even late game, nearly the only thing that matters is how much damage you do, but when you get to end-game levels (190+) you'll find that strategy becomes more important than just dishing out damage.

For example, nearly all dungeon bosses after a certain level are invulnerable to damage and must be handled by a MP- or AP-reduction specialist while the rest of the team moves them into position to be made vulnerable. The Bworker, for example, has a spell which deals damage based on its HP and this is usually an instant kill no matter who it hits. The Bworker can cast this spell every third turn, and if you can't remove his MP to keep him at a distance or remove his AP and deny him sufficient AP to attack, then he'll murder your whole team inside of 20 turns.

Or, the boss Ougaa in the Fungus Dungeon: it hits for at least 1,000 damage per turn, can have as much as 12,000 HP, heals itself like nobody's business, and can have up to 7 summons (in addition to other monsters already in the fight.) I don't care if you bring a team of eight Iops - you can't just bludgeon it into the ground, you've got to come at this with some sense of strategy and ability to control what the enemy team is doing if you're going to come out alive.

And so on. Xelor isn't a terrible class, and it's quite playable even without being scrolled, but if you're going to play one of the most difficult classes in the game, then you've got to take the long-veiw. That, and you've got to learn a few professions in order to afford all the scrolls you'll have to buy.
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Taracair is right my str/cha/wis xelor is 146 at Moment and hes unbeaten in both kolo and normal pvp and he goes thought dungeons like a katana throught Butter. It depends on your tactics and enemys for sure. 
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the xelors need a modification, they are very overpower in pvp and very under in pvm
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Xelors really need a modification, underpowered in pvp 3 vs 3 (1 vs 1 is fine) and  one of the worst classes in pvm
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