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Xelor underpowered

By professor5464#4840 March 09, 2021, 05:19:36
PVP wise, xelor is okay. I would put it on mid-tier. Pvm wise, it gets outclassed by every class. AP reducing on mobs doesn't work well, most mobs have high AP party and you sacrifice alot of damage to reduce AP. And no healing ability.

My suggestion:
Make Hand spell 3 ap, reduce its damage but give it a stealing health effect.
Make less of demotivating no longer need line of sight like it used to be.
Make mummification 1 turn longer.
Time theft should cost 2 ap to remove 2 ap.
temporal dust damage should slightly be increased for 5 ap.

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I don't know if I agree.
Sure mobs do have high ap res, but you can circumvent it easily by being full wis and using trophies, just like an Enu would do for MP.
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