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(Dodge) Tailor working for free

By EndLau#6648 December 15, 2016, 14:45:55

Currently I am 6 slot tailor and I am willing to make all your crafts for free.

In-game name: Seviper
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Hey Seviper!

My recommendation is to invest in crafting or purchasing a Tailor Magic Stone, it's a simple recipe and it works wonders (ha, get it? MAGIC STONE!).  

When you log in, activate it and you will show up in the Tailor Crafter book.  Remove the checkmark for "Have to pay" and set your "Min slots" to 3 or 4, as 2-slot items won't give you Tailor XP at lv60.  Hope you find this helpful smile
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Hi)) Need help with carft a prespic set item! How can i find u in the game?
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