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[Profession] DofusTouch - Looking to become a Artificer/Shieldsmith but I can't find it?

By sanhaishelperone#5511 April 09, 2017, 14:30:05
Hello everyone,

Does anyone know were I can learn to became an Artificer/Shieldsmith?
I tried the workshops in Pandala and the profession center [1,-20] at Astrub.

And thats al the information I could find online.
I tried asking ingame but no response so far.

I did see people craft idols and shields, so it should be possible right?

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks allot.
Kind regards,
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pls buy/craft sheild smith hamer
then go pandala ws talk npc
gg done
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You are a god! Thanks for the help biggrin <3
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