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Bots from Brutas to Grandapan

By wowistillbetter#3323 August 03, 2017, 22:39:08
For weeks if not months we have seen an influx of immigrants to our great land of Grandapan. Is like to speculate that these players might be here to stay and help us further our own economy. Sadly, I was mistaken. Ankama games has yet again failed us. Not by not implementing a more diverse bot check system with more than 2 variables but by allowing for a system where it is now more beneficial for players to come to our server and start running bots. Now our legit players cant get that lvl 60 lumberjack to 100 without seeing 2 or 3 bots in the oliviet and eltneg loops. I can't walk in more than 2 mines without seeing some eca or sac in gobbal or adventure set. I try to message all the players i see but to no avail and to my own surprise all the players who wont contact me back happen to be Hispanic. Isn't brutus Hispanic? Hmm interesting. Anyways Ankama im here to tell you, you fucking suck at just about everything. Lowering XP rates to make your wallets thicker. Setting an algorithm to make it more beneficial to but from your shitty player shop. Anyway, die in a hole or something. Love, me.
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Espera por el banano :v
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Forum handle is "wowistillbetter." The only thing that comes to mind is, "And yet, you're still here?"
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Dogde is suffering as well.

The reason is simple, the fact that the SHOP in BRUTAS is disable for Kamas use.
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that is solved by placing the unique bonus package for each non-transferable server
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