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Mining/ore spawning time

By vittuvalitseite#9379 April 02, 2018, 05:51:51

I was trying to find information about ore spawning time but couldn't get a clear answer.
Best advice that I found was to wait 30 minutes after clearing certain mine to go back (which is actually a good call!)

So I decided to use an hour of my life to measure/time ore spawning time and share this experience with you guys ^^.

I did this with 35 level miner so each ore takes 9,5 seconds to clear so around 10 seconds to clear one and jump to another (this is added to the time after '/'). I cleared 5 veins and waited and I did it twice, so two laps I would say.

I came up with quite odd results*, but let's get to it!

First lap:
1. vein +11 min 22 sec / +40 sec
2. vein +11 min 22 sec / +30 sec
3. vein +18 min 22 sec / +20 sec
4. vein +26 min 22 sec /+10 sec 
5. vein +23 min 22 sec

Second lap:
1. vein +28 min 53 sec / +40 sec
2. vein +27 min 53 sec / +30 sec
3. vein +26 min 53 sec / +20 sec
4. vein +19 min 53 sec /+10 sec 
5. vein +23 min 53 sec

So what did we learn...

Ore spawning time is around 10 minutes to 30 minutes and as I stated before that "come back after 30 min" was a good call, it is pretty much a perfect call!

*Now to the odd part which in my opinion is those seconds with both laps they were the same in a mysterious way? I don't know is it a coincidence or not (but weird anyway)? There was 10 seconds between every clearing and they spawned  at the same second on the clock.

Hope this helps someone ^^.

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