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By GoldDiggerII#5330 November 27, 2018, 11:45:25
Is there any chance that Lumberjacks can get some higher slot crafts..?
Lumberjack is the only profession that maxes out at 4 slot crafts, making leveling much harder than even miner...

Even just some higher slot wood shaving potions
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They already did such a revision on PC Dofus with the addition of shrubstrate potions as the lumberjack's answer to the miner's alloys, but the chance of that happening on Touch is slim to none partly because of Ankama's insistence that they "never do the same thing twice," but mostly because the Touch team has stated repeatedly that they have neither the time nor the plans to revise the profession system in Touch.
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yeah, it's pretty much the worst profession to lvl after 80, since it takes around 400 trees in average to lvl. There is the dark bambu but it's mostly placed in feudala with that allience territory crap 
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What about fisherman, it used to have only 1 slot recipes (gut) and nothing higher than that. The recent revision to NPC selling infinite resources means that Tasty Juice is now crafted by fisherman as a 2 slot recipe. So Fisherman can lvl 1-60 with the same 2 slot recipe and never gets anything past that. I would easily say its much harder than lumberjack and miner considering i have all 3 profs maxed smile
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