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By Pandawas-Fury#8172 April 18, 2019, 15:13:53
Why did they remove yeast and water from NPC's? I grinded baker and farmer to 100 left the game for a little while, come back, and now I can't even make basic wholemeal without spending 25k kamas. What's the point in it apart from pushing the price of bread up? 
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So that people will stay broke from doing daily dopples and buying bread. Then when they make their set they will need to spend real $$$ on goultines - for runes, pets and the rest of things. It's sick watching the dev team kill peoples interest.
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I thought that was the case, they have literally sucked the fun out of the game for me, dofus touch put the game back to the "Good old days" for me as a player who played dofus from the start of its life on pc. Now they are slowly destroying it, I've just spent half an hour farming monsters for water rather than the tedious task of finding Wells, and I have 33 water, these fights lasting like 10 seconds each... So for me I can't be bothered anymore. I hope ankama fix this and all the other issues they've implemented into the game that are just ludicrous... The best part is that every well I come across there is a bot there waiting to get water, are there no moderators on these forums that can pass this information to the dofus touch devs? 
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In the meantime, Frosteez Bread is the most efficient bread to make with the most profit margin.
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when I learned of the change I felt a deep rejection of that measure, but I have been playing and doing crafts for a week, and the truth is that this change gives good income, the cereal bread is 50KK or more, for the drop of water and magic powders you have to know where to do it, and being a player of level -100, I have achieved it and it does not consume much time, before baker's earnings were low or common, what is now a pretty good income
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