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Why do all we devalue the Professions?

By Puppenspiel#5679 May 19, 2020, 18:19:04
Hey guys, im speaking about Dodge, and i cant understand why farmer, fisherman and others are so devaluate. does your time has not value? for example, farmers spend a lot of time, is a profession with short material reappearance and they must be more concentrated in the game more then other professions.

Im minner, my profession devaluate it when there are a lot of bots (for example, iron x100 is normally in 4.500, with bots, 2300).

Ant that is not only for collecting professions, a lot of objects (mostly under 100 lever) are below price just for "fast selling".

Man, if you do that, you are ruining you profession.

A wiki in spanish recommend:

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

principalmente: no devaluar sus productos, en el afan de conseguir kamas con pescador no debemos dejar por ejemplo 100 gobios en menos de 8kk... 
Mainly: do not devalue your products, in the effort to get kamas with a fisherman we should not leave, for example, 100 gobies in less than 8kk ...

Ok, i think gobies are not so difficult to drop, but trout yes, and today 100 trouts are sell in 4000 k (without gutting)

So, seriously question: why do u devaluate your own profession? 
and, do you report bots? (reporting is via discord, i've recently noticed)
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U say the problem, now are a lot of bots.
Yesterday i try to report one on Discord but the bot for the report are off or idk

The time we spend is basically for nothing cuz a bot do the same in a lot of characters and the price of everything down

Ankama need do something for that, is so sad, cuz im miner and can't get some kamas...
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Human player won't devaluate gathered resources or crafted items. It is done by bots in search fast kamas to be sold for real money. You can check the price level and fluctuations of resources not easy to be botted and realize the difference. The war to bot is a question of will, human resources and... interest... I have reported a lot of bots after having followed them and realize they are making the sequence the same way in silence, but they are still there farming 24/7... so if we want to still play and enjoy we must be resilient, just find another way to make your kamas; from Ankama will not arrive appreciable support, at the end of the day,  they are and have to be real money making company.
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