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Mining robots, two practical solutions

By Igorok55#3727 November 21, 2020, 00:56:59
Having problems with the &?$._& mining bots? You are not alone and Ankama doesn't care.
1 solution for a human miner : explore one mine, locate rooms with the most minerals, place your avatar close to the door between the 2 best rooms, identify all bots by name, (2 to 4 per mine), détermine their frequency of appearance and beat them with faster moves. This is a very slow harvest, typically in 20min, I collect 30 resources with miner 15. BUT, without bots, in the same 20min I collected 85 resources.
2 solution for programmers : any avatar which moves from nill to 100 points after 5 days IS a bot. Destroy it. The whole function takes about 10 minutes to code. Do it ! Bots are a pain in the ...
3 write down coordinates of the mines as you discover them for future visits.
4 Be patient, being a miner is for VERY patient people.
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Ha! What server are you on? I'm in Dodge and I just don't bother with places like Diggum mine unless the bots have mysteriously broken and are standing still. Such a shame.
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Hola buen dia, yo soy minero lvl 29 y subi el oficio solo con recetas para fabricar... Por el motivo de que fuy a todas las minas q encontre 5 o mas y en cada una ahy de 1 a 3 bots lvl 100 las 24 horas del dia... A hora me pregunto si sigo subiendo el oficio podre sacar recursos para hacer las recetas, por que es que no lo veo... Ya que los bots cogen  todos los recursos que ahi.

Mi solucion para esto es que la recoleccion en todos los oficios tenga como requisito estar abonado... O que por lo menos el limite de (accion de recolectar) baje a 100 recolecciones por dia... Que esto para 1 persona esta mal... Pero para la mayoría esta bien... Todos podran recolectar el recurso que necesiten y venderlo o usarlo...
Tambien podrian poner un limite de recurso del mismo tipo que se puede tener en una cuenta...

A mi me gustaria hacer piedras de almas, pero así no veo manera de subir el oficio, sin tener que comprar los recursos a los mismos bots que no me dejan subir de nivel.

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As annoying as it may be, I think the simplest solution would be to put (reasonably leveled) aggro monsters in the mines. The bots have found ways around the resource protectors – I think that's why so many are sadis or osas – but an aggro monster with more complex actions could probably slow them down further.

Case in point: Eltneg Woods used to be bot free long ago. When Cania got revamped and the new areas got added they changed the monsters in Eltneg from aggressive to non-aggressive. The result: the area is swarmed with bots now.

If they were even set up like the small Frigost mines where there's one solo aggro monster of a different variety in each room – easy enough for a person to maneuver around but hard to program an a.i. to consistently avoid – which was a difficult enough of a fight to make it hard to make an a.i. be able to blow through that would cut down on the bots immensely. There's a balance to be had, you don't want to be putting lvl 100 monsters in the Astrub Mines, but something beyond what could be defeated by a lvl 5 character in an Adventure's Set in the early mines and scaling up from there based on level of the area might be all that's needed.
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