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Help new player to choice a profession

By LoaderFix#4248 May 12, 2021, 00:27:46
So, im new and im in doubt about the professions, i'm like FISHERMAN and ALCHEMIST. Of this two classes, what is best or most rewarding?
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Complicated question, but here's the most concise answer I can come up with.

Fisherman is an easy profession – easy to do and easy to level – but is nearly pointless to pursue unless you also pick up the fishmonger profession. Fishmonger allows you to take the fish and make healing items, and they're pretty effective. So the main advantage of this profession is that you'll never have to purchase healing items (and keep in mind you can sell these as well). The main drawback, however, is that this will take up two job slots.

Alchemist is a bit more tedious to level. It is one of the few jobs that lets you gather and craft in one job slot, but you really don't see major payoffs until you max the profession. Alchemist also crafts healing items, albeit less effective compared to the ones that fishmonger can make, but you can also craft a lot of other items such as teleportation potions, potions to unlearn jobs, items to change the stats of perceptors, ingredients used for other recipes, and, what is probably the best seller, potions to summon perceptors.

You may want to try all three (remember, fisherman is pointless without fishmonger). If you don't like one of the jobs you can always craft a potion to unlearn it and free up a slot to get another job as you can craft the potions to do that with the alchemist job from lvl 1!
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