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By Fr33S4leKiLL#2936 July 07, 2021, 15:05:06
Hello players, 
i am an experienced dofus pc player and unfortunately i have forgotten a lot because i stop playing  like 3 years ago. i started using dofus touch for 2 weeks but have problems making kamas. Do you have any tips for me? I would start some new professions aswell.

i have 2 Accounts lvl 75 and this are my professions:
Fishmonger lvl 100
Fisherman lvl 81
Lumberjack lvl 77
Juwellery lvl 61
Miner lvl 80
Handyman 40

I hope someone can help me through this game again.
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Honestly, things are pretty straight forward. Just throw what you harvest on the market. The more you grind the more you’ll have. You won’t get super rich from it but it can be a good source of kamas. 
A good tip would be to look at combined materials. Ex: maybe say ash sell better in plank for than raw and so on.
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