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Only 3 profession

By mbyte#1440 May 22, 2022, 23:48:20
I hate the fact that I can only have 3 professions, you could do it as on the PC, having the possibility to level all the professions on a character, it would be much more beautiful and fun, moreover you could make more professions available in the craftsmen lists, since now they are scarce and empty
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Totally agree, I'm new to the game, I made a Sadida and I love playing with it, I leveled up 3 gathering jobs because raising crafting jobs requires quite a large gold investment. Now I have enough gold to invest in other professions that generate more gold than the gathering ones, but... oh surprise, I have to create another character because I can no longer have more professions with my main character. It gives me a lot of mental lag to have to create another character just to have 3 more jobs, I don't understand why I can't have more than 3 jobs, how does having more than 3 jobs affect the game?...
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Agreed, also merge fisherman and fishmonger. Imo

Also agree to this! 
and if I had to guess, everyone does...
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