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Almanax: the mobile app for daily offerings and bonuses

By heyendless July 04, 2019, 19:25:39

Hello everyone ! happy

I recently published an app to help with the daily management of the Almanax.

You can obviously find the daily offering but also filter future bonuses according to specific tags: Loot & experience bonus, ingredients saving, offering’s value, dungeon, breeding etc.
A dozen filters (some are only available to Premium users) allows you to quickly find the days with important bonuses according to your needs.

In addition, you have the possibility to schedule a daily notification, at the desired time, to remind you to make your offering and get your Dolmanax as quickly as possible. wink

I tried to solve the problems I had daily in the game with this application, I hope it can help you too!

The app's name is Almanax and its available on the AppStore for iPhone and iPad (sorry for those on Android).
Here is the direct download link:

If you have suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact me! 

=== UPDATE ===

Hey everyone!

A new update is available, allowing you to unlock any tag! You can also schedule a notification for a specific day if you don't want to miss the bonus / offering of this day!

Make sure to check it out! happy

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Awesome ! +1 premium wub

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