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what is the best class?/beginner's guide

By jazziel01 - COMMUNITY HELPER - April 21, 2020, 06:29:42

Good adventurers of the world of the twelve. Here I come to answer one of the most trivial questions of the community and perhaps one of the most repeated topics I think.

And well speaking about this I motivated myself to make a guide for beginners, since I consider that it is a very important sector of the dofus players, but I noticed that when I wanted to invite a friend or partner this one got lost and because he didn't know how to play and left the game after a very short time and also these players can become potential subscribers of subscription/bonus pack.
So if you want to see my answer watch the video:


It would be very useful if you can support, sharing it with your friends who want to start playing dofus more than anything else is aimed at that sector of players, hopefully it will be very helpful. Also if you have any questions, suggestions, comment either here on the forum or in the video, also comment if you want to make a special guide dofus 2.xx would gladly do. spend a nice day adventurers.

Buenas aventureros del mundo de los doce. aqui vengo  a contestar una de las preguntas mas triviales de la comunidad y tal vez uno de los temas mas repetidos yo creo.

y bueno hablando de esto me motive a hacer una guia para principiantes, ya que considero que es un sector muy importante de los jugadores de dofus, pero note que al querer invitar un amigo o compañero este se perdia y pues no sabia como jugar y dejaba el juego al muy poco tiempo y tambien estos jugadores se pueden volver potenciales suscriptores de abono/bonus pack.
asi que si quieres ver  mi respuesta Mira el video:
link del video

Seria de gran utilidad si pueden apoyar, compartiendolo a sus amigos que quieren iniciar a jugar dofus mas que nada va a dirigido a ese sector de jugadores, ojala les sea de mucha ayuda. igualmente si tienen alguna duda, sugerencia comenten ya sea aqui en el foro o en el video,tambien comenten si quieren que haga una guia especial de dofus 2.xx con mucho gusto la haria. que pasen un bonito dia aventureros.

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Why even write in English when the whole video is spanish

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