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Can't use Goultines - Brutas

By thimaster#5807 December 25, 2020, 04:58:48
Cannot use Goultines in market - No values on goultines column and the buy option is greyed out for Goultines, but not kamas.
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This is also an issue for Grandpan server
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The shops are broken on Grandpan, Brutas and Dodge for almost 2 weeks now, even after 2 maintenances and guess what? they don't care lol. We are not the priority and they have to prepare the next fancy premium pack in the Shop.
We are all playing on the same game, same version but some servers are favored and some others are just left behind.
Maybe a marketing decision to force more people to buy their expensive shit in the shop with Credit Card... 
I'm on Dodge, I can't buy a bonus pack in Kamas so I don't play for 2weeks because of that, I would like to enjoy the Xmas Island but It probably won't be for this year >< 

Like always Ankama provides us good support and really cares about their players.... Or not :') 

Merry Christmas!
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Ankama Technical team only cares about useless packs and sales, and they ignore anything that doesn't make a "direct" income, that the strategy now, and in important events they disable some kama/exchange features and only say "we are looking into this" .... for 2 weeks and no developer can fix it (or can) ... i don't play for 2 weeks now
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Hey at least they dont issue warning for public information like they did on my first complaint! Im about to leave this game for good it is inconceivable that a flash level game takes week to fix minor issues that impact all of the server on a great level. Make the exp pack free or lose more players than you already did! Cant wait to get compensoken for an entire month of unfunctional game! half my guild is gone and my hopes are as well. 
​​​​​​If you can keep using goultine in the shop i dont see why it would be disabled to buy an exp pack with kama it literally goes into your servers void nobody can access that therefore no problems can come out of it. Make an official apologies post and fix deadline for the issue to be resolved! That is the least you can do. I know human being are taking care of this and i am not heartless happy holidays to the ankama team! but please keep us informed daily before another loss comes your way...
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