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In-game market charged Goultines AND Kamas

By -Nerd-#5607 June 15, 2021, 09:23:19

So I was purchasing a few Dragon Pig souls from the market yesterday and decided to use some spare Goultines I had laying around for a while.

However, it would use my Kamas (message clearly saying purchased for 85kk etc.), but I saw my Goultines go down, too. I don't remember how much I had exactly but it was over 5000 and ended up with about 3500~ left on top of using my kamas.

Is there any way to track this or have I simply lost these Goultines? rolleyes
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Hi -Nerd#5607,

When you purchase with goultines in the marketplace, the notification will display its kama equivalent. The kama equivalent is not deducted from your kama balance. If you would like your transaction checked, you can contact the Support team here.

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