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Account permanently banned

By camilo1111#1854 May 20, 2022, 22:05:18

Hey guys I just have a question, so I recently got my account permanently banned that I have had for over 7 years and the reason I believe that I got banned for was because of a refund requested through Apple. Now I don’t know whether that’s wrong or not but my son ( I am a legal guardian) sow me playing Dofus and he had a interest on the game, so I sometimes let him play on my account to help himself level up on my phone after school. And we’ll following a YouTube tutorial he seen videos of scariers leveling up so he used the ogrins to change class, of course I contacted Apple support and they stated that they could and would redound me for this and to never leave the phone unsupervised again so I did following apples agreement and I bough ogrines back to switch back to my class, (hence, the price is not an issue for me it’s only $30 but I figure by doing this I would get my class back and when it didn’t I just decided to switch back with ogrines) once I went back the next day to log in I was permanently banned. Is there anything I can do to fix it ? I play everyday and this is killing me that’s a 7 year progress.

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Hi camilo1111#1854,

Kindly contact the Support team here so they can check the status of your account.

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