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FAQ - What you need to know about the Dofus Touch Closed Beta

By #[Izmar] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - February 23, 2016, 18:01:35

Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in Dofus Touch! Here's a list of important questions and answers about the game to help keep you informed.

What is the official release date?

DOFUS Touch will be released in the first half of 2016; we cannot be more specific at this time.

Will beta testers keep their characters, items, etc. after the official release?

No, everything will be reformatted at the end of the Beta.

Will I be able to play with my current characters and log in to my current server (PC version)?

No, for technical reasons, the two versions are not synchronized. Initially, this was a technical necessity of the tablet version's production: in order to start developing it, the teams had to stop at a stable version of the game. An adaptation of this magnitude obviously requires considerable time, during which updates continued to be released on the PC version.

Upon release, the game will be at version 2.14 on new game servers.

Over time, will the tablet version catch up with the PC version?

Our top priority is to offer a game that is clean and adapted to the tablet format. The work needed to adapt the game to a tablet's ergonomics takes a long time, and we prefer to improve it before offering extra content, seeing as there will be 9 years' worth of content available when Dofus Touch is released.

Will there be a beta test server once the game has been released, in the manner of the PC version?

One is not planned for the moment.

Will the servers be the same for Android and iOS?

This is what we would like to happen, but it is dependent on Apple and Google both approving the game. So for now, it is too soon to give a definitive answer.

Will the game run on all tablets? Do you have a factsheet to provide?

We will communicate this information upon the game's official release. Currently, the closed beta runs on iPads with iOS 8 and above.

Will the game be available on Windows Store?

This is not currently planned; Windows tablets run on the classical Windows OS, and the programs used are therefore PC-based.

Will the game be available on smartphones?

Smartphones' screens aren't big enough to offer an ideal game experience, which is an aspect that we don't wish to sacrifice for mobility.

Whichever platform players use, they must benefit from the same quality game experience, which is an especially important point for players who are discovering DOFUS this way for the first time.

Will the game be available in all countries, in particular, Canada?

We are not yet able to answer this question.

Will there be a subscription system?

DOFUS Touch will not offer a subscription system, but a model more consistent with tablet usage. Find out more info here.

Consequently, Veteran Rewards will not be available, since they are player subscription loyalty rewards.

How will loading maps work?

We've decided to load them unitarily, to make the game smoother. The application will keep your most-visited maps in memory, which will make it unnecessary to keep downloading them, making for a more fluid user experience.

Will it be possible to make phone calls directly from within the game, to play with friends?

We get the idea, but it isn't on our agenda.