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Future of guild *KINGS* in grandapan

By Dark-Emperor--#9278 April 28, 2017, 07:11:15
Hello ankama ! I am Launch, second in command of the guild KINGS from grandapan server! First of all the problem is the guild leader is inactive, Because of this other members are leaving the guild and some of the other sics are also inactive! I am trying my maximum to keep the members! I am back from a break! I really got shocked to see the guild in this situation! So can you kindly check the situation and come up with a better solution for the guild's future?!
I hope I can re unite the old members back and revive the guild well smile
Waiting for ur reply
Please reply moderators!
Yours truly
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We have same problem with our guild in Dodge. Any solution yet?
Only wait and see guild fall into pieces and lose all the exp invested?
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Hi, i think most of guilds in grandapan are like yours, including mine, Ankama have to recomend this server for new players, beacuse server is getting empty or do a merge, i see that dodge is in a similar situation. 
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Merge into WFTC we are extremely active, friendly, and helpful. We Failed The Challenge of Grandapan.
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Hi, it would be fun to collect all the players back in KINGS again, since I got all that I have now thanks to this notorious guild and alliance which unfortunately broke up a long time ago.

Solve the problem on the idea can be if someone kicks a chapter and puts it in its place another. I do not know if the moderators or someone higher in the capabilities than an ordinary player to do it, but I think it's worth a try.
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The solution might be to send an Ankabox message to the guild leader and ask him or her to appoint a new guild leader so that the XP invested in the guild doesn't get wasted. Unless the leader is willing to log in again to make succession possible, the guild is a dead end and the members would be better off joining another guild.
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