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[GRANDAPAN] Masters - Recruitment

By So-roxe#4235 May 05, 2017, 17:00:30
Winter is coming.

My dear friends ,

Are you thirsty for adventure and want to learn from the most experienced players on the server? Are you ready to defend your brothers in arms under enemy attacks on our territories under one banner? Masters is therefore the perfect guild for you.

Guild Overview:

The guild was created recently (19/04/2017) and is level 42 at the time I am writing this announcement. The policy within our guild is competitive and you are promoted when a previously established goal is reached. For example when an EXP threshold is obtained for the guild you receive a promotion and decisional benefits. At major and important events, such as attack coordination and territory defense, you also receive a promotion. We belong to the most dominant alliance of the Grandapan's server - Make Amakna Great Again [MAGA] and have the ambition to become one of the most powerful guilds.

Conditions and recruitment system:

Concerning recruitment, for the moment it is not very restrictive. Nevertheless we have established some rules:
  1. English knowledge is a requirement ​​(Spanish & French profiles are welcome)
  2. You like to help and participate in alliance events.
  3. Your first character must be level 100 minimum.
  4. A mentoring system will be established when the guild gets more populated.
  5. You can introduce yourself from this post or by sending me a private message in game: /w Luxurious or /w Luxury.

See you soon !
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A Little upgrade, recruitment is still ON. 
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Recruitment still open to new players who have the desire to go back to the adventure. The level of the character is not a problem. Bonus to motivated newcomers will be provided, pm me if you are interested /w Luxury! I will help you with xp/drop sessions, free craft of your items. Required: 1 connection per day minimum - self-motivation and control.
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Hi, I´m new on the server but I have experience in Dofus and in other Dofus Touch servers. I connect everyday so I can level up "fast". Can I join your guild?
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I would like to join, I just switched from dodge.  name in game is Ironvein.
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