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[GRANDAPAN] Eternity - Recruitment

By 4elFromBLR#8551 November 04, 2017, 17:45:19
My dear friends ,
Tired of the silence and despondency? The Eternity Guild is gaining active players in its ranks! If you want to find yourself a friendly and cheerful company to conquer the game spaces, then you to us. We create a large close-knit team where everyone can find a job for themselves, be it PvE or PvP, find a party in dungeon and ask for help. Our guild consists of adults, adequate people who play and communicate for their own pleasure.

Guild Overview:

The guild was created on 2017-11-02 and today it is level 42.
 Concerning recruitment, for the moment it is not very restrictive. Nevertheless we have established some rules:
  1. English knowledge is a requirement ​​(it will be very cool if you know Russian) xD
  2. You like to help and participate in alliance events.
  3. Your first character must be level 90 minimum.
  4. A mentoring system will be established when the guild gets more populated.
  5. You can introduce yourself from this post.
If u want join write me private message in game  Ni-Xy.

I wait u smile
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Im tired of silence and solitude as well.  I hope you guys have discord on phone or tablet I can get mine running.   Please cure me from my loneliness and lets conquer grandpan
Thonix llvl.33 Iop
Ottiscot Lv.32 Cra
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Yes, just what me and my sister need!

Joejo - Level 36 Str Panda looking to specialize in debuffs. Might pick up chance as a secondary.

Is there any one I can PM in game to join?
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