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GRIMMR (Crafter's Guild) is Recruiting! (2018 - Grandapan)

By GrimmR#9372 January 15, 2018, 07:24:28
Ever get bored doing dungeons solo? No crafters to make your items? Come join the Crafter's Guild [GRIMMR]!  We're looking for members who  likes to play Dofus as much as we do!

Background info
1. What's your IGN? 
2. Number of hours played? 
3. Do you have a discord?

Ever since mobs stopped dropping mid to end game gear, items have become so much more expensive. International servers have the worst population. GRIMMR will help you play with more ease as we have crafters to negate having to level a sole profession just to craft a singular type of item. Help us, help you! Join our league of crafters so we can improve the economy of our terrible server!

Just one requirement to join!
Have a Discord smile

Contact any of the admins for an invite:

See you soon!

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What is discord?
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