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By Lixender#2100 October 09, 2016, 20:21:14
About me
I'm a returning player from vanilla Dofus, back in days before anyone saw mounts or even Astrub. I've been following Dofus Touch for a while, and have been playing since it's release to Canada. I enjoy the strategic aspect of this game, especially after being a player of Final Fantasy Tactics back in the day. I play late into the PST timezone, so you'll see me often no matter what time you play.

About The Guild - Armoured Core
Hoping to create and foster an environment of awkward, friendly, and competitve players. Rivaling the toughest alliances is my #1 goal for the guild, as I am a PvP player at heart. However, it takes time to get there, and for now I'm just looking for casual to hard core gamers to move the guild to that point. We need players who are willing to help other players out. If you can speak English to any degree, you're welcome to join us, as that is our language of choice. I do speak some Spanish, and some members speak French.

If you want to know more, you can add me to friends with the information below.
IGN: Koloking
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As a member of the Purge alliance, i can agree with everything being sais here, we have multiple guilds with different requirements, we foster new players and play together in harmony.

my ign: Terminator
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Hello Sir! Im just new to the game and it feels lonely being alone, no one to talk to. I want to know more about the game while having fun with other players. Hoping you would consider me in joining your guild. Im only lvl16 tho. I can be active everyday, 2-3hrs.

IGN: Pawsio
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