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By yputubr420#1785 December 05, 2016, 11:17:49

 give some tips to a player new to server

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Not quite sure what your looking for but I can give you a couple tips. If your a low lvl and trying to make kamas, these are some easily farmed resources which sell for a high price and sell quickly. Moreover, I will tier them so you can lvl while you farm them. This will make you more money than any profession in the short term.

Lvl 1- 30: Farm sesame seeds from Piwis in astrub and sufokia

You should be able to lvl past 30 just by doing the early incarnam and astrub quests, but if you feel too weak for the next tier, you can always farm piwis. Piwis drop sesame seeds very easily and these are always being bought up by players trying to lvl their tailoring profession.

Lvl 30 - ...: Farm rat fangs from the sewers in Astrub. This is probably the best return on the amount of effort required. Rats drop a fang pretty much 100% of the time and the fangs sell quickly at a high price. This is because no one generally farms rats for any other purpose than collecting fangs used for perc potions.

Lvl 50+: Maybe not as profitable as rats, but probably better XP, you can always farm blops in the Cania Plains. The blops pollen and pieces of blop always sell well and quickly.

Lvl 80+: Dragoturkeys in the breeder village often have 10 stars and their resources sell very well, especially the teeth. However, these will be very hard to farm if you do not have a ranged class.

At lvl 100+ you should have a pretty good idea on what the market values. Good luck mate and let me know if you have any questions.

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