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American players

By hallanhype#3862 October 21, 2016, 15:29:41
I play grandapan and seems a wide variety but not many American or English-speaking people. is dodge more of those people?
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Yep. Join us bro. Huge alliance.
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I would but I'd lose all my progress :/
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USA = Dodge.  But we have a ton of non-english community.. br/fr make up about half the population if not 3/4.

We need our own server, or at least an English server specific.
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yes biggrin
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Can we not transfer characters to a different server? I feel lost on Grandapan. Can't find anoyone who understands me. 
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Feel free to message me mate: Grim-Reaper

I own a large english speaking guild on Grandapan and your welcome to join.
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