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Looking for people to play with on Grandapan

By GHADintellect#2135 November 05, 2016, 19:26:24
Looking for English speaking players I'm a lvl 26 osa on grandapan.
Lvl 11 alc/farm and lvl 15 fisherman
 Used to play the PC a little bit but really getting into the mobile version.
Ign: ghadintellect
Pm me I really need someone to train with haha 
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I am a 37 Enu pure damage build. I play randomly but my IGN is Seriously 
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Hey my ingame name is Gokux I'm a 63 sacrier from Australia smile I'm also looking for active English speaking people, feel free to add me. Oh and I am a level 70 miner smile 
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Hey guys, Fable is always recuiting on Grandapan. Were one of the most active guilds on the server. Feel free to ping me for an invite: Grim-Reaper
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