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[Grandapan] Miss & Mister DOFUS Touch – Step 1

By [Nyom] - ANKAMA - November 15, 2016, 17:35:48
Players of Grandapan, an unprecedented event is going to be unveiled to you in the coming lines. Put aside your weapons, your characteristics, and your warrior impulses (even if they'd be useful for getting rid of a few candidates…) and get ready to become a beauty icon!

The election of Miss and Mister DOFUS Touch – isn't that an unexpected chance to show the World of Twelve the extent of your charm? Certainly, we say to you. But to claim such a title, you'll first need to convince our jury, put together especially for the occasion, through many different trials!
For more information, see the contest rules.
So following this topic, it's here that you'll be able to present your character. Be sure to provide a screenshot, showing them in their most beautiful outfit!
The jury will give a score to each of the candidates and will proceed to the awards of the election of Miss & Mister DOFUS Touch, in your company at the end of the event.
Good luck to you all!


How do you submit a good application?
For starters, don't hesitate to play your character; get into the role of a person willing to give their all to become a beauty icon, with your convictions and personality.
Next, remember to be careful with your spelling and your layout; the first impression you give you must be perfect, so take the time to reread what you write.
Finally, your screenshot must be impeccable; it will represent your character until the parade (if you're in it), so take care of the framing, dimensions, as well as the positioning of your character.
Until when can I send my application?
You have until 23h59 (CET) on November 29 to send your application. Changing a message at a later date will result in your application being canceled.
Can I change my application?
Of course, as long as the change respects the set deadlines.
Can I take part on multiple servers?
No, we prefer each candidate to be limited to their preferred server.
How many players will be selected for the parade?
There will be 10 per server, selected using the averages obtained following the jury's voting process. In the case of a tie, the jury will have to discuss the candidates to decide between them.
Can I bribe the jury?
There don't seem to be any Enutrofs on the jury… sorry!
Can I change equipment for the parade?
Of course, and we encourage you to do so: it's for that reason that we offer you a Colour Change Potion. However, the challenge is real, as we expect candidates to be consistent with their words and their outfits. So in case you want to change equipment, keep in mind that we will try to understand why you changed it!
I don't understand the purpose of the parade; what should I prepare?
For the parade, we expect candidates to go up on stage and present themselves. Not necessarily the person behind the character, but rather the Miss/Mister you wish to embody. That's the challenge of the parade. Therefore, we expect a presentation, the rationale for your equipment (relating to your ambitions, for example, if you want to defend the cause of Gobballs and prevent their abuse, avoid going on parade with a Gobball Headgear), as well as a speech you'll give to clearly highlight your ambitions.
Thus, the parade is intended to make you aware of the role of a Miss/Mister, and we're counting on you to take it to heart! To successfully complete the task, we invite you to prepare your visit in advance. For example, why not intersperse your parade with humor, if your character fits the theme? Be organized and accurate in your words. Make sure you captivate us; that's probably the most important thing!
Will there be a Mister and a Miss DOFUS Touch on each server?
No, not really. There will be a Mister or a Miss DOFUS Touch, depending on the sex of the character who wins the event. The same goes for the Mini-Mister/Miss, which will be awarded depending on the sex of the characters in 2nd and 3rd place.
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