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New Servers?

By Majination#3652 August 30, 2017, 20:29:59
When does Dofus Touch release new servers? It looks like all open servers started on the same day. So will they ever open new ones? Would be cool to start it with everyone else, not years behind...
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Your not too far behind and its nice when there's already 10th gen mounts etc. If you choose Grandapan , (witch is honestly a bit quiet) I'd be willing to catch ya up to speed and help with pre-150 sets. Pm: "Leech" if intrested.
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Sorry to double post but browser's bugging. I was also gunna mention I cant see them starting alot of new servers being quiet a few are claimed "dead". Though that's only because the various timezones and people arent all on at once.
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queria um servidor BR ,ja tomei silence por falar minha lingua no brutas, acho muito injusto isso,tem muito brasileiro q n joga por que n tem servidor br
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new server please.
new server new server new server
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Ankama, the best thing you could do if you care about english-speaking players is to make a world-wide server. 

It's the year 2019 and you are still separating communities by region and/or language? For what purpose might I ask? I do not see any benefit but I do see a lot of disadvantages to this system. I played Dofus when Rushu first started around 2004.. best time of my life. No one cared that there were multiple languages in the chat then and no one will care now. It's about being with people, communication finds a way regardless of language.. please stop the segregation and limitations that have no purpose.
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