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By ozman14#3236 June 02, 2021, 20:36:50


I've been playing with my brother on Grandapan since the very beginning of the server creation.

It was a different dofus back then, we were struggling to gather materials with different groups in the ancestral forest - meeting new friends and enemies who we competed on maps and mobs on.

I'm proud to say those player interactions had a lasting effect on my time playing dofus, server dynamics and such.
And while for years I always loved dofus for the gameplay (pve/pvp), the player interactions are an important aspect for me aswell.

But for quite a while now, Grandapan is actually not an international server, it has become hispanic.
And while I'm happy new guys are having fun exploring the game for the first time - It feels as if its not possible to meet new players and as a whole the "dofus experience" is degraded because of the language barrier.

I'm lucky to have friends to dungeon/kolo/perc fight with but new English speaking players just leave because they don't have anyone to guide them through and literally no one speaks English. - solidifying the server as Spanish by the day.

I think its only fair to resume the option to transfer accounts (to dodge), so English speaking players in Grandapan can actually enjoy dofus as they should and deserve while not leaving behind years worth of progression.

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