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Legends Recruiting on Dodge

By SteelBlood#4630 October 13, 2016, 22:07:09
Hello Soldiers,

The Guild Legends looking for Brothers and Sisters to Fight alongside to the Top.
We gonna change things and rise as a family of proud Soldiers.
The Main task of Legends should focus at the first place to have a family where everybody is helping out eachother and where nobody feels like being alone.
Once the Number of Members and Strong Players reached we gonna climb up our way to the Top.
People that carry the Name of Legends should always represent it honorable and with proud.
But for this long Way we need loyal Brothers and Sisters with ambition.

You want to become a Legend ?
Hurry Up the Fight is long and the Life too short...

Legends Requirements:
- Activity everyday
- helpful and friendly
- Level 60+

Legends Rules:
- inactivity of 5 Days without a reason makes the Player removed from the Guild
- no insults in or outside of the Guild
- be respectful to everyone ! Remember how we wanna represent us

What do we offer ?
- active Guild with daily high activity
- Creating Partys like almost everyday 
- Helping out eachother
- Alliance: Evolution [Evo] (10+ Guilds and still growing)
- and much more...

Reply here or whisper me in Game, if you cant reach me try one of the Players Listed below.

Leader: Berserker
Second in Command: Azhix and Screw-Upp

Join the Army of Brothers and Sisters !

Best regards,

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Still recruiting? I'm a level 66 osa and my current guild/alliance aren't big or active enough for me. Can never find a group and its doing my nut in lol. Thanks
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