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Amakna is recruiting :)

By imtoosmexyforthisshizzle#5655 October 23, 2016, 13:10:47
Hey guys and girls!

Amakna guild is currently recruiting on the Dodge server. 

Experienced management with myself and 2 SIC's with alot of years of playing Dofus under our belts, so we can help with any class guides, profession advice and general gaming advice. 

Guild dungeon runs and acheivement runs (if youre an achievement wh*re like me) guild pvp in the format of Koloseum and Perceptor attacks are all in the pipeline.

We are looking for players old and new to join us and help us build this from the ground up, so far we have a nice group forming of about 30-40 members who are sociable and very helpful to each other, its a great ambiance here! Message Hoodoo, Maridion or Xdamagex ingame for an invite smile peace out!
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Bruno-Silv and i would like to join
Int Rogue lvl39
new to dofus touch
but i did played before in dofus
(nevermind i already know its way bigger than me idk how to erase)
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I'm Deathand (lvl 51 by now) osa
Looking for guild
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